Plexiglass Face Mask

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Our advantages


Face protection Shield with plexiglass cover for protecting from particles in the air.

It can be used mutiple timer and is ideal for preventing the spread of COVID-19.

The shield covers the hole face, especially the eyes, the mouth, the nose and protects one from any microorganisms.

Doesn't blur due to the fact that it keeps the perfect distance from the face and allows airing.

It is designed modernly and it's not heavy so that it ensures comfort while wearing it during many hours.


Clear cover made of plexiglass

Put on the head with a band

You can see through it

Protects from particles in the air

Doesn't blur

The price is for 1 piece. 


*Όλες οι τιμές μας είναι χωρίς την προσθήκη του εκάστοτε Φ.Π.Α.

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