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Kraft Delivery Box


Minimum quantity for "Kraft Delivery Box" is 10.

Kraft Boxes with an inside reinforce that is also waterproof, it comes in many dimensions for every kind of food place.

Suitable for transfering meats, souvlakia, main courses, etc.


  • (25x9x6.5)
  • (25x13x5)
  • (16x22x5)
  • (25x17,5x6.5)
  • (29x17.5x8)
  • (12x11x5.5)
  • (13.5x16x6)

The price is for 1kg. 

Kraft Box's Size:

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Παρόμοια Προϊόντα

Choose Dimension: Double Fries Portion (16x13,5x6cm), For Big Hole Chicken (29x17x8cm), For Souvlaki on Stick (25x9x6,5cm), One Portion of Souvlakia on Stick (26x13x5cm), Για μεσαίο κοτόπουλο (19x14x8cm), Για μονή πατάτα (13x10x5cm), Για μονό καλαμάκι (25x7x6cm) , Για ποικιλία μεγάλη (25x17,5x6,5cm), Για ποικιλία μικρή (22x16x5cm), Για σκεπαστή μεγάλο (26x26x4,5cm), Για σκεπαστή μικρό (22x22x4cm)