Premium Black Microwave Container 3 Compartments with Lid 100pcs

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The black 3-place microwave container in a set with a transparent lid is the ideal solution for portioning meals and separating food, especially for meals that include main courses and side dishes.

Dividers provide a versatile way to keep different food ingredients separate, preserving the freshness and flavor of each ingredient. The utensil is suitable for use in a microwave oven, which offers convenience in heating food. It is fully sealed and safe for transport, making it ideal for delivery services.

Dimensions: 23x17x4,5c

The price is for 100pcs with their lids.


*Όλες οι τιμές μας είναι χωρίς την προσθήκη του εκάστοτε Φ.Π.Α.

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