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Black Paper Cup Double Wall Shinny 25pcs


Black, Shinny, paper cup with doubled wall

Due to its doubled wall feature it keeps the beverage's temperature and doesn't burn the hand of the person holding the cup in case of a hot drink 

It can be paired with the cups of both hot and cold drinks. 

The price is for 25pcs.

Choose Dimension:
8oz / 1,75€ τα 25τμχ.

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Παρόμοια Προϊόντα

Choose Dimension: 4oz / 1.15€ τα 50τμχ , 8oz / 1,83 € τα 50τμχ, 12oz / 2,60 € τα 50τμχ, 16oz / 3,25 € τα 50τμχ
Craft Cup's Size: 8oz / 1.75€ the 25pcs, 12-14oz / 2.20€ the 25pcs, 16oz / 2.65€ the 25pcs