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Paper Supplies, Detergents, Food Boxes and Catering Supplies

Ecocraft is one of the biggest companies that provide businesses of the food industy, hotels, etc. We provide a wide range of products for your business with the fastest and best way possible. We stand out for our supplies in Paper Cups, Plastic Cups, Food Boxes that can be printed with your logo on them!

Packaging Supplies (HoReCa)

Choose Dimension: Double Fries Portion (16x13,5x6cm), For Big Hole Chicken (29x17x8cm), For Souvlaki on Stick (25x9x6,5cm), One Portion of Souvlakia on Stick (26x13x5cm), Για μεσαίο κοτόπουλο (19x14x8cm), Για μονή πατάτα (13x10x5cm), Για μονό καλαμάκι (25x7x6cm) , Για ποικιλία μεγάλη (25x17,5x6,5cm), Για ποικιλία μικρή (22x16x5cm), Για σκεπαστή μεγάλο (26x26x4,5cm), Για σκεπαστή μικρό (22x22x4cm)
Choose Dimension: 22,5x13,5x9cm / 0,34/pcs, 22x18x4,5cm / 0,26€/pcs, 22x18x5,5cm / 0,26€/pcs, 28x17,5x7cm / 0,40/pcs

New In Paper Cups

Craft Cup's Size: 8oz / 1.75€ the 25pcs, 12-14oz / 2.20€ the 25pcs, 16oz / 2.65€ the 25pcs
Choose Dimension: 8οz - 1.00 € / 18τμχ, 12oz - 1,43 € / 20pcs, 16oz - 1,39 € / 16τμχ
Choose Dimension: 8oz / 1,75€ τα 25τμχ., 12-14οz / 2,20€ the 25pcs, 16oz / 2,65€ τα 25τμχ.
Choose Dimension: 8oz / 1.75€, 12-14οz / 2.20€, 16oz / 2.65€