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Hand Sanitizer

In Ecocraft you can find hand sanitizers for the hygiene of the hands.

Make sure for your cleaning, sanitizing and your protection, choosing our and sanitizers. 

Hand sanitizer gel Cleanse Up 100ml  Contains 70%w/w ethanol with antigerm effect  Doen't cause irritation or dry skin Doesn't need to...

Alcochol base hand sanitizer for the hygiene of the hands, Septeforte Hand 40 with pump 500ml  Defeats 99,99% of the germs, Covid-19 and other...

Alcochol base hand sanitizer Septoforte 40 S, 1L bottle with pump  Certified by N.O.M.  isopropyl alcohol> 70% like suggested by W.H.O....

Alcochol base hand sanitizer Septeforte Hand 40 Doesn't need to be washed off  Defeats 99,99% of the germs, Covid-19 bactiria, funguses and...

Hand Sanitizer for the better hygiene of the hands, Septoforte Hand 40 , 1L with pump. Contains   isopropyl alcohol 70% & chlorhexidine,...

Alcochol base hand sanitizer 40 with srayer  Defeats 99,99% of germs, Covid-19 bactiria, funguses and viruses. Its contains  ...

Hand Sanitizer gel with pump 500ml  Alcochol base gel with 70% ethanol, to sanitize hands and skin, without needing to washing it off. Defeats...

Hand Sanitizer Gel Dalco 1L The bottle comes with a pump for easier use. Alcochol gel (70% ethanol) to Sanatize the hans and the skin, without water...

Alcochol base hand sanitizer Septoforte 40 S, 5L bottle  Defeats 99,99% of bacteria, viruses and funguses  Certified by N.O.M....

Alcochol base hand sanitizer Septoforte Hand 40 in a 4kg bottle. perfect for sanitizing the hands and hand hygiene .  Defeats 99,99% of the...

Hand Sanitizing Gel Dalco, 4L bottle Contains 70% ethanol, for the hand hygiene. Defeats bacteria and viruses. Has hydrating ingrediants for the...

Alcochol base hand sanitizer Septoforte Hand 40 in a disposable bag of 1L. Compatable with the Ikochimikal hand sanitizer disposer. It comes with a pump...

Foam Soap with Sanitizer Vadelia Sani Foam 500ml with Pump Foam soap with sanitizing qualities.  Defeats 99,99% of the bacteria Contains...

Liquid hand soap with sanitizing properties Vadelia San 5kg, ideal for professional use.  This sanitizing hand soap that is soft on the skin &...

Foam Soap for hand washing, Vadelia Aegean Breeze 1L. Disposable bag for foam soap with its special pump, compatable with a wall mounted...

Pump of 30ml for 5 & 10L of Ikologiki. Ensures the perfect dose, for economy and use of cleaning products for bigger containers. the price mentioned...

Plastic Bottle of 1L with Sprayer.  best choice to transfere detergent, sanitizers ect. from bigger professinal containers so it's easier to...