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Detergent-Disinfectant Septoforte 30 5kg


Detergent and disinfectant Septoforte 30 in a 5kg container, with wetting agents and QAC's.

Ideal for Food Industries, drinks, doctor's offices, hotels, etc.

Neuter product for cleaning the hands. (pH 7,0-8,0).

The Speptoforte 30 is used for the cleaning and disinfection of the utelities, floors, machines and surfaces.

Doesn't destroy the metals or plastics.

It has an excellet anti-germ action and destoys 99,99% of the microorganisms.

It must be dissolved in a solution 2% with the help of a sponge and it takes about 15min to act.

Certified by the General Chemical Laboratory of Greece and NOM

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