Biodegradable White Plate by Sugar Cane 22cm

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Biodegradable sugarcane plate 22cm in diameter, which is an environmentally friendly choice for catering. These eco-friendly plates, made from sugarcane fiber, offer a sustainable solution for your catering needs and beyond.

The shallow food plates, measuring 22cm, are also suitable for use in a microwave oven up to 180°C, offering flexibility in the preparation of meals. They are water and heat resistant, while their inner coating makes them impervious to oils and water, ensuring the integrity of the food.

These plates are an ideal choice for serving food in eco-conscious businesses and are also suitable for outdoor events. The price is for 50 pieces and there is the possibility of a minimum order quantity of 5 packs of 20 pieces, offering an economical and practical solution for your needs.

The price is for 20pcs with a minimum order quantity of 5 packs.




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