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"Tasty" Food Boxes


Minimum quantity for ""Tasty" Food Boxes" is 10.

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Food boxes in all the dimensions with the "Tasty Food" print.

Comes with an outside alluminum reinforce so that it keeps the temperature of the foods.

In a brown-craft color, it has all the dimensions for souvlaki on sticks, main dishes, etc.

The price is for 1kg.

Choose Dimension:
For Souvlaki on Stick (25x9x6,5cm)

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Παρόμοια Προϊόντα

Kraft Box's Size: (12x11x5.5), (13.5x16x6), (16x22x5), (17.5x29x8), (25x9x6.5), (25x13x5), (25x17.5x6.5)
Kraft Box's Size: (12x11x5.5), (13.5x16x6), (17.5x29x8), (19x14x8), (22x16x5), (23x12x4,5cm), (25x9x6.5), (25x17.5x6.5), Σκεπαστή Μεγάλη (26x26x4), Σκεπαστή Μικρή (22x22x4)